CSB Fine Arts was born from our desire to promote Latin American established and emerging artists.  We want to allow artists born, raised, and still living in the country they represent the opportunity to present their art abroad. They carry the heart and soul of their country of origin. They are the best representation of their culture.


These artists have been central to Latin America's artistic vitality, even though its history has eclipsed them. They are absent from most museum collections and galleries.  We want to give them the importance and the time in history they deserve.


Our vision is to ignite the imagination and inspire the human experience with the power of art. We believe art breathes life into the world. 


We provide our clients with focused and personal attention. We work with museums, private and corporate collectors, casual buyers, interior designers, and art consultants. We aim to satisfy the personal artistic appetite and use our curatorial expertise to create intelligent and inspirational art installations.